Why choose Artkiteca?

The outdoors is a living space that exceeds the limits of the indoors, a space with an infinite ceiling under the sky where you can dream and contemplate.

Our vast collections of contemporary, classic and exotic outdoor furniture are developed to include different styles, so that each open-air space can have a soul of its own, just like your home, just like you!

The art of Central America

Artkiteca is dedicated to the many ways of imagining the pleasure of time in the open air, from a simple garden to a terrace that stands out between the city’s rooftops, an exterior in the countryside or by the sea…

We enhance your outdoor space beyond the simple functionality of a piece of furniture… We create an outdoor lifestyle whether it is fun and exciting or elegant and formal.

Design & Durability

Artkiteca designs patio furniture with bold lines and colors as well as classic comfort, renowned for its high-quality finish and durability, at the right price.

We combine traditional materials with those of the latest generation, specifically developed to withstand the weather, but equally attractive with especial attention to nature and the environment, from the origin of the materials to the manufacturing processes.

Craftsmanship & Innovation

Artkiteca’s success lies in the combination of craftsmanship, tradition and a relentless quest for innovation and excellence in the quality of our products. Our outdoor furniture is designed with the commitment and passion of our designers and master craftsmen in Canada and Latin America. Continuous innovation is at the heart of what we do to better serve our customers and retail partners with an agile supply chain and technology that ensure real-time information access and efficiency.

Values: Respect

We are customer-obsessed. We take care of our customers who entrust us with their hard earned money. We offer the best value and clear guarantees. We provide unique products that no one else offers.

Values: Honesty

We are honest. We partner with talented and dedicated entrepreneurs and craftsmen. We help each other achieve our shared dreams. We trust each other, share success and grow together.

Values: Humanity

We are deeply human. We are committed to making the world a better place every day, in everything we do. We select noble materials and make sustainable products. We promote equality and support the most vulnerable.

Values: Quality

We believe in quality. We truly believe that quality costs less. We don’t believe in planned obsolescence. We make products to last. That’s good for your wallet and good for the planet. For us, durability is not an option. It’s the same thing as lasting quality. Products built for generations.