Structure / Metals


In addition to being expressive and ecological, aluminium is also a unique metal in terms of technical qualities. Three times lighter than steel, it offers stability over time, resistance to the weathering and easy maintenance. Moreover, it is recyclable and can be reused an infinite number of times without the slightest alteration of its technical and mechanical properties. The aluminium of the collection has been processed using a specific anti-saline pretreatment, which inhibits the natural oxidation process. The subsequent powder-coating process increases resistance to corrosion while also protecting the metal against scratches and chipping.

Structure / Wood


Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the most precious tropical woods, having exceptional characteristics of hardness, ductility and resistance to the weathering, moisture and salt. Its uniqueness comes from an oily resin which naturally improves its impermeability and resistance, even to insects and parasites. The natural teak used in our furniture originates from natural forests in Mexico.

Structure / Wood


Tzalam wood is a particularly hardy species from the forests of Mexico and is naturally protected against water and humidity. Unlike teak, Tzalam does not lose its color as teak does. A very important thing about the Tzalam tree is that during its growth process, it sheds seeds which grow into more trees. For this reason, Tzalam is considered a sustainable wood. It has remarkable mechanical properties, such as its special resistance to bending. The Tzalam used in our furniture is a kiln-dried solid wood, which not only increases its compactness, but also enhances its grain or color shades.

Structure / Wood


Parota wood is commonly known as Guanacaste and scientifically known as Enterolobium Cyclocarpum. The parota tree grows primarily in Mexico and Central America and is commonly used in wooden furniture design and projects for its large dimensions, neutral golden-brown coloring, distinct grain patterns and affordable cost.
In particular, Parota wood is used to create unique furniture pieces. The heartwood is streaked with honey, reddish and dark brown colors alongside clearly distinct, creamy sapwood
Parota is particularly desired for its bold, striking wood grain, which resembles Acacia wood in appearance but with more texture and consistent color. It also has a natural luster, which is naturally highlighted with oils. This allows to protect the wood and bring out its intricate grains in a much less damaging way than glossy varnishes.
Parota is a fast-growing tree that can reach enormous heights and widths in an incredibly short time. This makes the Guanacaste tree the ideal role model for sustainable and environmentally responsible wood furniture

Frame / Wood


Cumaru is known for its exceptional hardness and durability; colors ranging from light tan to a reddish brown – sometimes with black stripes. This is a sustainable alternative for Burmese teak, with the added benefit of being more than three times as hard. Cumaru is a nautical wood widely recommended for outdoor use due to its great durability, this is why it is used for the manufacture of outdoor furniture and deck flooring, it is also used in the construction of boat decks and docks.

Paint Finish

Tiger Coating

ur aluminum outdoor furniture is protected with TIGER Coatings powder coating which is a solvent-free coating material consisting of different synthetic resin systems, pigments and special additives for high-quality surface finishing. Powder coatings have gained significant importance as a surface finishing of choice in the furniture industry. TIGER Drylac® powder coatings are used for the surface finishing of steel and aluminum used for outdoor furniture, including on cruise ships, office furniture and site furnishings.
TIGER Drylac® metallic effects, besides being safe for processing due to their bonding process, provide rich effects and brilliance and fulfill the highest demands for a refined surface. The result is an enduring, quality retaining coatings, which increases the value of a furniture product.

Furniture Lining

Rehau Wicker

The ancient weaving tradition becomes a must for outdoor furniture using latest generation synthetic fibres, designed to perfectly resist against water and light, maintaining technical qualities and colour features unaltered over time. The polyethylene fibre used for the collection is a high-quality synthetic material developed for outdoor use, non-toxic and ecological. Tenacious and resistant to wear and the weathering, its colour and beauty remains unaltered over time

Furniture Lining

All-Weather Rope

The weave used in our collections is purely hand-made using a technical rope in polyester. Polyester rope is today the most commonly used type of rope in the nautical sector thanks to its excellent resistance to water and direct sunlight. Despite being flexible and easy to weave, this material is very resilient to deformation and maintains its resistance to repeated stress even when wet. The fact that it doesn’t absorb water also means the rope dries very quickly.


Textilene Sling

Textilene fabric is typically used to make chairs for outdoor use. Textilene fabrics are made from polyester yarns that are individually coated with PVC, woven and heat set. This mesh fabric is unmatched for its combination of strength and beauty. Durable and long-lasting, it is ideal for applications that require high tensile strength along with breathability such as umbrellas, chairs, sun screening. Fabric is highly resistant to rot and mildew, colorfast, easy to clean and quick drying.



Sunbrella was founded with the belief that performance fabrics are essential to provide the quality, design and comfort you seek. The Sunbrella collections are inspired by the latest trends to enhance your furniture while offering unparalleled performance for outdoor use. With a palette of vibrant colors and pastel tones, Sunbrella offers a wide range of references that bring a true personality to your outdoor spaces. High-quality Sunbrella pigments impregnate the fiber during manufacture, resulting in a “through-colored” Sunbrella yarn and fabric that offers exceptional color fastness, resistance, and durability. They are resistant to mildew. However, mildew can grow on dirt and other foreign elements, so Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned quickly and easily with a simple bleach solution.



The quality of the fiber used to make a fabric is crucial in terms of fading resistance. Outdura fabrics are made from 100% solution-dyed branded acrylic. This means that the color pigments go all the way into the fiber, not just on the surface of the fiber. This gives the fabrics a superior color fastness and makes the colors shine for a longer period of time. Outdura fabrics resist fading and remain colorfast after sun and weather exposure exceding 1,500 testing hours.



auleda Textiles uses 100% solution-dyed fibres. Fabrics made to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions, with multiple qualities and treatments to face the most demanding environments, guaranteeing an excellent performance.
The Sauleda Fabric Protector coating on our fabrics creates a barrier effect, strengthening water-repellency, making it permeable to air and retarding the adherence of dirt. The fibers used to weave the fabric have been subjected to a special antibacterial treatment. Bleach can be used in moderate quantities.
Sauleda fabrics offer solar protection of 90% in most designs, and extreme resistance to UV rays.
During the fabric manufacturing process, a final treatment is applied to guarantee excellent dimensional stability and the fabric is exposed to an extra tension load to guarantee its dimensional stability.
The special properties of the fibres in our yarns make the fabric dry quickly. It is always important to let the fabric dry completely before storing it or rolling it up.



All TEXSILK colors are Solution dyed. This is the best way to pigment outdoor fabrics and offers the highest Color fastness because the pigments are introduced into the yarns during its production (extrusion method). TEXSILK is made of a hydrophobic material that will not absorb humidity. Therefore stains and dirt can remain in the gaps between the yarns but will never penetrate them, this is why stains and dirt can be removed so easely.
TEXSILK is resistant to virtually every chemical used for cleaning. Even 100% bleach is not affecting the fabric or its colors. Therefore when you have difficult stains to remove do not hesitate to use bleach or other cleaning chemicals.



The padding of the seat and back cushions is made of polyurethane foam to improve their compactness and resilience. The perfect water-repellence is guaranteed by the polyester cushion covers, treated with specific waterproof and waterrepellent products, and the heat welded seams. All the cushions and upholstered elements of the collection have removable covers.


Table Tops

The pleasure of outdoor entertaining allows the mixing of unconventional yet perfectly suited materials for outdoor use such as ceramic, marble, concrete, wood, aluminum or steel suggests new ways of thinking about the outdoor table.